COVID-19 – Why to get your office decontaminated and deep cleaned

During these unprecedented times, in the midst of Coronavirus COVID-19, our natural and first instinct is one of caution and concern. We collectively appreciate that the majority of the UK is following the Government guidelines – both and at home and at work – yet the worry still lingers.

Worldwide, we are facing the unknown right now. Whilst we are locked down in our own homes, we have an element of control over our fate, we can strictly follow the government “Stay At Home” message to the letter. However, those amongst us who still need to work – in any required capacity in accordance with the Government guidelines – inadvertently relinquishes that control.

It is at this point that the caution which each one of us has applied to our individual households then transfers to Employers.

Every Employer recognises that they have a duty of care to their workforce to ensure that a working environment is safe for an employee to operate within. An Employer feels that same weight of responsibility and caution to continue safeguarding their employees. All should have imposed the safe-distancing, hygiene and sanitising measures, but many are still asking – what more can they do?

A COVID-19 decontamination and deep clean is an effective solution. Whether used as a preventative measure or reactive measure, the outcome is the same – you as an Employer has taken each measure and activity available to cleanse your working environment.

We have learnt that COVID-19 is indiscriminate and undetectable until symptoms present themselves – within this time how many people within a seemingly controlled and clean office would have unwittingly caused further spread of the virus?

Many workplaces are conducting a COVID-19 decontamination and deep clean on a regular basis as an achievable preventative and safeguarding measure. As a reactive measure, Employers request the service within hours if a colleague has displayed the sudden onset of symptoms.

For the Employer, if your business needs to keep operating yet you revere your workforce as closely as your own family, it is the most effective solution you can possibly action if those members of staff need to be in the office. You can rest with peace of mind that your business has taken every possible measure to ensure that your key and valued asset – your workforce – is as safe as possible within your establishment.

The simple answer to the rhetorical question: COVID-19 – Why to get your office decontaminated and deep cleaned…….in a time full of worry, doubt, protection and safety, every preventative measure is worthwhile.

COVID-19 Decontamination and Deep Cleaning