Kingfisher Primary School and the Kent Literacy Awards

For followers of our DDS Environmental Facebook page, you will recall that we proudly sponsored the recent Kent Literacy Awards in support of our regional educators following the relationship we establish with schools.

The awards evening was thoroughly enjoyable and brilliantly organised by the KM Charity Team. With guest speaker Terry Waite inspiring and encouraging the dedicated teachers, the “feel good” feeling reverberated through the room.

Catch the video here:

Amongst all of the incredibly worthy winners, we wanted to get to know the recipient of the DDS Environmental prize a little better….

Kingfisher Primary School in Chatham not only won the Kent Literacy Award for Best New Library in Medway but also for the Best Library in Kent!

We arrived to present the prize to the school in a special assembly led by teacher and reading champion Paul White and received a guided tour of the school. Walking through the classrooms, the children excitedly told Mr White how much reading they had achieved that week with a great sense of pride.

It is fair to say that this incredibly dedicated and talented gentleman and his colleagues have literally turned the reading philosophy around at this charming school.

Also, rather poignantly, Kingfisher Primary is a particularly modest school with 1 class per year and a modest budget to match. The creation of a school library from scratch was no mean feat and the teachers and PTA have achieved something wonderful, not just in the existence of the library itself but equally with the overall mentality and attitude towards reading that has grasped the entire school.

During the special assembly to present our prize of £100 worth of David Walliams books to the school, Mr White pre-warned me that the children would be excited to hear they had won. Apparently, David Walliams is one of their favourite authors but the library could only afford a few of his books.

I can readily admit, the happy screams of the children when they learned they had won the prize brought a lump to my throat! We had no idea the prize would mean so much to the children!

The Kent Literacy Awards has been a great recognition of their efforts and achievements and boosted the confidence of the whole school.

We look forward to keeping in touch with them and working with the exemplary KM Charity Team again next year.