Blog Post: Do you know what Asbestos looks like?

Do you know what Asbestos looks like? Prior to life within the wonderful world of DDS Environmental and DDS Demolition – I didn’t.

Asbestos was something I vaguely knew of – I knew it posed a risk, I knew it caused a certain type of cancer, I knew it was almost a dirty word.

But quite frankly I had no idea what it looked like, how many different types there are, what was the most and least harmful, how it needed to be managed. After all, when would I come into contact with it?

Worryingly, had I not joined DDS Environmental I would probably still be clueless – not because I lack common sense or intelligence, not because I am arrogant – it had simply never occurred to me in my day to day life to enlighten myself to a hazard that could (but had never) affected me.

Nowadays, it is my belief that there are still people out there like the former me. Why do I think this? For every picture I see on social media of those eager DIY enthusiasts, bashing out an old fireplace with potentially harmful dust and debris all over the place, for the urban explorers that pursue and enter derelict properties with the risk of disturbing asbestos from their unconventional entry, I wonder – do they know what Asbestos looks like?

My conclusion is – No, they don’t, they can’t.

Asbestos awareness needs to increase. Admittedly, worldwide we were pretty slow on the uptake, we didn’t realise the dangers until it was too late for many. However, even in 2018 the product is still in-situ on a huge scale.

Would I recognise every type of asbestos now? Honestly – maybe not, but thankfully our Asbestos Specialists would and equally they advise how to safely remove or manage it.

However, more importantly to me, now I would know to be cautious and check.

Ultimately, that’s the most important message we would like to convey.

It’s not about inciting fear and panic but do be aware and be cautious before you unwittingly interfere with any asbestos containing materials – especially if, like the former me, you don’t know what you’re looking for.