COVID-19 Decontamination and Deep Cleaning

During this unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 virus, control of contaminants is key to ensuring safety by: breaking the chain of infection, stopping the spread from person to person and ensuring the safety of staff, pupils and public. This can be achieved by COVID-19 Decontamination and Deep Cleaning.

DDS Environmental’s virus-killing 3 stage decontamination control measures:

Stage 1: Prevent and minimise spread inside area utilising controls such as PPE / RPE.

Stage 2: Decontamination at point of entry / exit via airlock enclosure (encapsulating doorway) with cleaning stations installed.

Stage 3: External decontamination unit providing cleaning and changing facilities.

DDS Environmental is experienced and trusted in providing technical and specialised deep cleaning and decontamination.

DDS Environmental provides:

  • Deep cleaning and decontamination using chemical disinfectants approved against viruses
  • Isolation and segregation of affected areas
  • Sanitation and sterilisation
  • Installation of decontamination units and cleaning stations
  • Licensed hazardous waste removal

DDS Environmental is capable of mobilising within a matter of hours.

Our experience is primarily developed from the construction industry, handling high risk materials and contaminated waste, most notably the infamous Asbestos.

DDS Environmental is licensed by the HSE to deal with decontaminating structures.

Covid-19 Decontamination and Deep Cleaning

DDS Environmental provides a bespoke service individually risk assessed for each and every client, location and environment, including but not limited to:

Public and shared spaces, key worker spaces, hospitals, offices, schools / educational buildings, kitchens / canteens, shops, supermarkets, workshops, depots, distribution centres, public transport, delivery vehicles, care homes, public infrastructure and many more.

DDS Environmental services include:

  • Trained and qualified staff
  • Fogging machines
  • Sprayed disinfectant
  • Antibacterial cleaning agents approved against viruses
  • H type vacuum cleaners
  • Decontamination units (mobile hygiene units)
  • Air locks (for creating controlled enclosures for cleaning stations etc)
  • PPE / RPE (typically, full face P3 respirators, coveralls cat3 type 5/6, latex gloves, protective boots etc)

DDS Environmental staff and operatives are qualified industry leading innovators, trained to the highest standards. We recognise there is no formal process or standard for handling a virus of this nature, however we are currently working with industry partners to ensure centralised leadership in the development of virus and contagion controls relating specifically to COVID-19 outbreak.

Prevention is the most effective action

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