Asbestos Management Coca Cola

Asbestos Case Study – Coca Cola Factory

Environmental project background


DDSE were the Principle Contractor for this valued project. Responsible for the licensed asbestos removal and overseeing DDS Demolition who carried out the non-licensed asbestos removal works and demolition of structures down to ground level.


  • Upon receipt of the clients Demolition survey, DDSE were required to remove a mix of notifiable and non-notifiable asbestos.
  • Main Building – removal of notifiable asbestos lining panels below the roof (3000 m2).
  • Main Building – removal of asbestos vinyl floor tiles.
  • Main Building – removal of asbestos corrugated roof sheets.
  • Vending Building – removal of notifiable panels around the entire internal perimeter.
  • Vending Building – removal of asbestos corrugated roof sheets.


  • Trial area to establish whether reduction techniques were adequate to execute the works under partial enclosure conditions.
  • Keeping the fibre levels as low as practicable without full enclosures and negative pressure utilising control measures at source.

 Innovative working: 

  • Presenting two potential removal options to the client.
  • Consultation with the HSE.
  • Utilising DDS Demolitions machinery ie telescopic handlers to remove waste from the building.
  • Partial enclosures allowed for wrapped pallet system of removal of waste which reduced potential for muscular skeletal disorders, cost and time reduction.
  • Dynamic method of removing waste and asbestos removal.

 Achievements and Successes: 

  • DDSE proposed two options of methodology to the client.
  • Option 1 – full enclosure under full negative pressure.
  • Option 2 – Partial enclosure with respirator zones and air monitoring.
  • DDSE consulted with the HSE to ensure compliancy and sought HSE confirmation on methodology for option 2.
  • Following affirmation from the HSE that the process was fully compliant – the client opted for option 2 which reduced both the cost and program.
  • The end result was a safe, efficient, cost effective removal.