Asbestos Removal in 109 year old Cinema – Case Study

Asbestos Removal project background

Asbestos removal in 109 year old Cinema: The asbestos removal at the Cinema was a relatively complex project.

In a nutshell, the remit was to safely remove and dispose of asbestos sprayed insulation to walls and contaminated drape curtains under fully controlled conditions using full injection within a polythene enclosure under negative pressure covering an area of 350m².

Due to the location and the condition of the sprayed insulation, fixed scaffold to the side walls (Enclosure 1 & 2) was erected by a licensed scaffold contractor to enable enclosure construction for access to remove sprayed insulation. Prior to the scaffold construction, corex sheeting and polythene was applied to the floor. The rear wall was accessed via mobile towers. The mobile towers were cleaned at the end of removal and were inspected during the 4‐stage clearance by the UKAS analytical company. All hole and gaps within the tower were taped over with duct tape prior to removal.

Method of Work

On completion of the satisfactory smoke test, operatives entered the enclosure wearing full RPE and PPE via the airlock 1000g of polythene was placed on the floor beneath the removal areas.

Operatives applied a dust surfactant to the curtains and allowed to soak. The works were programmed in a logical manner and only the curtains where the works were underway were removed, this left all other sprayed coatings with an element of protection.

The Curtains were then carefully released from the wall at low level by unscrewing the timber batten whilst continually mist spraying surfactant. As the curtains were released, operatives cut the curtains into strips and placed directly into red asbestos waste sacks and sealed with polycloth tape.

As the insulation was exposed, operatives sprayed insulation with dust surfactant using a low pressure sprayer.

Operatives then inserted a string of injection needles into the insulation across the span from pillar to pillar, needles were inserted approx. 10‐15cm apart and approx. every ½ a meter down the wall.

Once all needles were in place the injection machine was switched on to dispense surfactant into insulation.

The full programme of asbestos removal was incredibly in-depth, please contact the office for the full copy.